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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy typically takes place weekly, with each session lasting an hour. It involves talking about your relationship and yourselves in a safe, warm environment with an experienced therapist who is specially trained in helping couples.

I offer Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples. This is a well-established talking therapy that addresses problems in the intimate relationships of adults. EFT is a structured approach that draws on attachment and bonding research to provide practical help for couples wanting to reduce distress and improve their relationships.

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Couple Therapy Stages


Negative ways of interacting are identified and explored so that they can be better understood.


Over time, these unhelpful patterns are reduced and then replaced with positive ways of interacting with and responding to each other.


Ultimately, couples begin to increase closeness and develop a secure bond. This improves relationship quality and satisfaction.

Whilst all couples are unique, EFT couple therapy typically lasts 10-20 weeks, after which most couples report long lasting improvements to their relationship.

Extensive research has shown that EFT can be helpful for distressed couples facing serious difficulties including affairs, addiction, chronic illness and depression.


Importantly, results tend to be long-lasting, with many couples reporting continued relationship improvement three years after the end of therapy.

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